Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kidversations: The Perils of Five Daughters

Liam, putting on a crown: I am a mommy!
Me: You are? Where are your kids?
Liam: I left them home sleeping.
Me: I hope there's a babysitter and you didn't leave them all alone.
Liam: Yeah.

Me: How many kids do you have?
Liam: Five!
Me: Five?! Wow, you look really young to have five kids! What are their names?
Liam: They're all Angelinas.
Me: How do you tell them apart?
Liam: Well...there's Angelina, and mom, and Candy, and Tasha.
Me: So, all daughters then?
Liam: *nods sadly*

Liam: Can everybody see my kids?
Me: *nodding*
Liam, incredulous: You can? But they're still rocks!
Me: What? Your kids are rocks?
Liam: Yeah and they're on the ceiling. They're still in a balloon and they can't get down! And my camera is broken!

My son's kids are in peril and he is upset that his camera is broken. These are the priorities I have passed on to my children.


  1. What a funny example of a powerful reality...our children absorb our values. This makes children amazing mirrors and parenting an endeavor of significant influence.