Friday, January 3, 2014

Doodle: You Know You're Grumpy When...

Today is so not my day. Everything is working against me. E-ver-re-thing. Granted, I'm sure it's really because I'm nine months pregnant and hormonal but that is beside the point. I'm not sure how it happens, but somehow MY hormones tend to make everyone else around me ridiculous.
I'm fine. It's everyone else who is crazy and problematic.

Needless to say, I'm a tad grumpy. I didn't realize the full extent of my cloud of doom until, after a morning of full combat, my kids sat quietly at the lunch table and I heard Liam gasp in surprise.

I'll be honest, I kind of ignored the gasp. I was sitting at a different table to give myself some literal and emotional space from the kids. I had no desire to start engaging conversationally again. But then I heard the quiet awe in Liam's voice as he said: "she's smiling!"

Who is smiling? Why is it such a big deal?

I looked up.

I felt my face. I was the one smiling. I was the one who made tentative wonder break across the faces of her kids as they beheld -- gasp -- a positive emotion expressed on her face.

"Is this it?" I could practically hear their brains asking. "Is there hope? Do we get to be happy now?"

If this isn't a facepalm worthy moment as a parent, I don't know what is. Consider this my formal apology, kids, for how grumpy I've been today. Granted, you'll have to learn to read before you see this but we'll work on that. Maybe not today but eventually.

Thankfully this encounter ended as do many of the ones I decide to blog about. With desperate, slightly maniacal, but much-needed laughter. Our hearts were lightened. Peace was (albeit probably temporarily) restored.

Maybe tomorrow my hormones won't make everyone else so crazy.