Sunday, January 8, 2012

Doodle: Ridiculous Pet Peeves

People are crazy. 
And I am no exception.
I tend to collect weird habits and pet peeves like a hobby. Some stick around, others fade and are replaced with even better (weirder) ones. Today, I couldn't nap because I was too busy thinking of pet peeves. True story. So instead of tossing and turning, I have decided to share some of the most ridiculous things with you. Whether it's me that is ridiculous or the things that bother me, I will leave for you to determine.

Pet peeve numero uno.

The curly or wavy hair debate. 

People get surprisingly passionate about this topic! As someone who has hair that somehow qualifies as straight, wavy, and curly on any given day, I feel I can give an informed opinion on the matter. Let's look at this helpful graph.

This ought to clear things up. If you were to ask any kindergartener to identify those types of lines, that is how they would describe them. Some people have "curl to their hair" and they feel this allows them to claim their hair is curly, but often, it is actually just wavy.

Also, people with really tight curls tend to feel that those with looser ringlets are not qualified to claim the badge of curliness, but that is silly.

Let's get an even closer look.

As you can see, the differentiating factor is whether or not your hair forms a complete ringlet and/or circle. If it does? Curly. If it doesn't? Wavy. Or straight. Whatever.

Let's move on.

Pet peeve numero dos.

When people claim the mental/emotional/psychotic characteristics of a hair color they have dyed their hair.

I'm only going to say this once (probably not true): just stop. It's embarassing.

  1. You didn't have a blonde moment, you had a YOU moment.
  2. The reason Edward hasn't been staring at you while you sleep is because he knows your hair isn't really brunette.
  3. If dying your hair really did cause you to have a dramatic change in temperament you should probably call the FDA, or CIA, or some other entity with initials, because something has gone seriously wrong.
 Pet peeve numero tres.

Floppy socks.

I'm sorry I had to show you that. It was for your own good.

Avoid floppy socks at all costs.

Pet peeve numero quatro.

When people unnecessarily* use texting shorthand/ALL CAPS/poor grammar, etc.
*Note: This is unnecessary 99.8% of the time

I just. I don't even.

...moving on.

Last but not least:
Pet peeve numero cinco. 

When people complain about other people being on cell phones.

  So there.

...just kidding.
Bonus pet peeve!

Pet peeve numero seis. 

When people who speak no foreign languages randomly add foreign words & phrases to their speech. Especially if it's Spanish.   


  1. Didn't you one time write a paper on floppy socks?

  2. Audible, hysterical laughter was uttered aloud.

  3. Completely agree with Peeve #2. To add to that peeve, I appreciate the compliment of how much someone likes my hair color. However, it is no longer a compliment when she (as I have never had I guy do this) continues on about how bad they wish they had my naturally auburn locks.

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