Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kidversations: You Can't Hear Commas

Darcie: please climb mommy!
Me: climb what?
Darcie: please climb mommy!
Me: what do you want to climb?
Darcie: please climb! Mommy!
Me: OH! You want to climb mommy?

I am my kids' second favorite jungle gym. (Ben is their first favorite)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mom-ing: The Language Barrier

There are few people who can understand my kids' speech as well as I can, but even I have moments, or entire days, of staring in bafflement at my children. Today was one of those days.

After dinner the kids were drawing with pens and paper at the table. Ben and I had exhausted smiles plastered on our faces as we let the kids enjoy their last few minutes of freedom before bedtime. It had been a good but long day.

Liam asked Ben to draw him a helicopter so, taking a break from feeding Adelaide baby food, he obliged. Then Darcie wanted a professional drawing as well so to save my husband some trouble I volunteered to do a drawing for her. The following exchange occurred:

Me: What would you like, Darcie?
Darcie: I want ______

...I had NO idea what she wanted but I swear she said "crack." So in a fit of end-of-day insanity I proceeded to draw a bunch of tiny dots in a line. Ben looked alarmed and amused. This encouraged me to then tell Darcie she had to sniff it "like this" (and proceeded to demonstrate), and then, now completely and utterly off my rocker, I laughed my head off until I was on the floor in tears.

Ben, one eyebrow quirked: They're going to hear about this in Sunday school. "What are YOU drawing, kids?" "Oh I'm drawing crack! (Sniiiiiiiiff)"
Me: (Laughing even more)
Liam: I want crack too!

Doodle: Writing Is A Lot Like Crack

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mom-ing: Once In a Morning Opportunity

Well I WAS working on a blog post this morning but then I was invited to snuggle and watch The Last Unicorn with the hubby, Liam, and Darcie.

And really, how could I resist that?