Thursday, June 16, 2011

Doodle: New Words

One of the best parts of having a pre-schooler is how exciting they think it is to learn the most mundane things. For instance: the other day, I decided to teach Liam the different kinds of shoes he likes to wear.

Things went really well! We practiced and practiced and Liam got even better at pronouncing them correctly. I was so excited for Ben to get home so we could show off what Liam had learned.

So yeah. Somehow our carefully practiced articulation went out the window as soon as daddy came home. And you know how kids are once they learn something new...


  1. lol Love it...and many more like these to come! Parker is now talking so I will join the ranks soon!

  2. This really cracked me up! And you drew it so fast!! Great job Nia :)