Friday, August 26, 2011

Doodle: School Is Everywhere

The great thing about educating your children at home is that the classroom can be anywhere and even anytime. Want to teach about the stars? Take your kids out at night and view them firsthand! You get the idea.

The "great" thing about teaching preschoolers at home is that not only can the classroom be anywhere, it is in fact everywhere.

All the time.

Whether you like it or not.

For example:
(I drew a snail instead of a cockroach which is far more likely. You're welcome.)

D'oh! What do you do now? Praise? Scold?

Counting: A+
Appropriateness: C-
Still, that wasn't so bad. And the hilarity factor is pretty high. Let's look at some other examples!

Oops! Sorry about that one, honey.

Compassion: A+
Obedience: A+
Appropriateness: D-
She loves her daddy. What can you do? This not only has a high hilarity factor but also a humiliation factor. Those two things might be related, actually.
For our final example, let's head to a supermarket! There's a lot to be learned in supermarkets. The possibilities are almost limitless. I would, however, advise against certain subject matter...but sometimes you don't have a choice and your preschooler decides it's time for a pop quiz!

Super. Just super, son.

Anatomy: A+
Appropriateness: F
I think it's pretty clear that this next school year we need to offer a course on the appropriateness of certain situations. We'll call it Discernment 101. Or maybe it's more an 89 level class. Preschoolers have to start from scratch when learning these things because, let's face it, they come with zero discernment on their own.