Monday, May 2, 2011

Writing: May Update

I think I ought to make a habit of updating monthly on how my writing is going as yet another way to keep me accountable. As you may have noticed, I did not do a lot of blogging in April. Okay, okay I didn't do ANY blogging in April.

Initially I was taking a break from blogging because, much as I enjoy it, I really needed to focus on writing THE novel. I had a good week or so of doing actual work, then I got swept up in the busyness of what some have called "real" life.

Then my wonderful husband gave me a birthday gift in the form of a 10 day vacation to my parents' place. My parents took care of the kids and I got to gallivant about town with my friends like I was a well-funded adolescent! It was superb. I even got a full-blown, no-holds-barred pedicure from a day spa. What luxury!

Anyway, despite how crazy life has gotten, I committed myself to starting to write on either my novel or my blog this week. To be honest, I tried to "commit" myself last week, but I ended up having to do laundry and wash dishes because we could no longer walk around naked, eating with our hands, because we had company over. But behold! Here I am writing on my blog! Success!

That said, I do have a hilarious story or two up my sleeve that would make great illustrated blog entries (about the kids of course). Not sure whether I'll work on that or on my novel but I surely have a lot of words dying to get out of me. One way or another I'll have to let them out!