Friday, February 4, 2011

Marriage: The Best Things In Life

Do you and your spouse have a date night? I highly recommend it. Most of the time though, mine and Ben's date nights are usually nights in, spent with take-out and movies from Redbox. I mean, the costs of going out on a "real" date nowadays are just astronomical. It used to be that we could go somewhere and split a meal and make goo-goo eyes at each other and easily only spend $20 total.

Now though, we not only have the cost of our date activities, we have the cost of a babysitter, which is sure to at least double the price of our date. Then there are also scheduling problems so that by the time you actually get a babysitter, and have gone on enough "dates" to Target that you can afford a babysitter, that by the time you get to go one a real date, by golly you don't want to split a meal! You've earned your !#@#$% entree! Heck, you've earned an appetizer too! Why shouldn't you get the fancy flavored lemonade instead of water? So when it's all said and done, a "real" date costs so much that you can only afford to do it once in a blue moon.

Well folks, tonight there is a Blue Moon. I am half-prettied-up. Getting ready to "put my face on" and go drop the kids off. Do you know how this night was possible? Because our church youth group had the best idea for a fundraiser I have ever heard of. They are sponsoring a Parents' Night Out! So you can drop your kiddos off from 5:30-9:30 and the youth group + the certified nursery staff will watch your kids for a donation to their missions trip. GENIUS!

Now, not only do I get babysitting that isn't $10 an hour, but I feel like I'm genuinely helping others by having them watch my kids. It is win, win, win, win, WIN!


  1. When we were in puppet ministry our family was asked to provide the entertainment for one of those date night service projects. It was a long day for me watching my two autistic little boys at the church while my husband and the older kids set up the show. The little one could not even attend the show because it was too overstimulating. So I continued to babysit them myself along with the teens and other kids that were dropped off. My thoughts sort of went "How did this happen-that a mom who seldom even gets a hot meal ends up babysitting with everyone else?" No one could really babysit for me very much. My kids were too difficult.

    But better times were in store for us. We started going to a church that had a ministry to special needs kids. Our small group leader would keep our kids right in the Sunday School room where they were pretty happy. My husband and I could enjoy going out to dinner as a couple. So whenever we get to low points as I did that Valentine's date night, it is important to turn to God and His people, not away from them. Sometimes we have to help other people help us.